Real experiences

my mom’s true case of past life regression

I would want to Thank Stella Ma’am and Vijay Mehra Sir, for there guidance and support and help provided by them in mom’s case.
The Case: My mom, by her basic nature is generous, giving, very open to changes, understand people well, empathizes, and a very social lady. Since a long time(many years) now, she had developed a lot of frustration, anger, mistrust, possessiveness in her, and these overpowered her good qualities. The hatred  started with my dad, extend to my brother, then my sister in law, then her own younger sister. Behavior changes – towards them, – foul language, always angry, always doubting, always commenting/criticizing. The result was all of them started avoiding her. Where scared to be alone with her, would not discuss any future plans with her, which made her even more aggressive.
Via Mind power lab mails, i read Stella ma’am cases and contacted her and discussed the case. She said we can have a session to remove the negativity in her, but as my mom would never agree to get it done on her own directly, Stella ma’am suggested we do it on me. (am her daughter). We had our first session in last week of April and a lot of negativity was removed from me and my mom.
Things did not change as such and i was still wanting a solution to this. She would never agree to go to a psychiatrist or any healing session. Last week when i read the mail on improving relationships was thinking about mom and dad and only if mom was willing to openly change things in her life and who can convince her on that, i got a message from Vijay Sir, and we had a chat, he advised me to talk to Stella ma’am and also informed her about my mom’s case. I immediately contacted her and we had the session the next day. (Sat 30th of June).
The Session: After the initial steps of covering both of us with White light, she asked me to look into the mirror, i saw a snake beside me, ma’am asked the snake if it was ready to move  on to light, it agreed, and then she put it in a basket and asked it to move, it went few steps then held a pillar and stopped. she asked if there was a unfinished work or if it wanted to show us something. It started moving and we went behind it, after a long journey it took us to a much bigger huge snake black in color very furious. On questioning it said my mom had harmed it 400 years back when both of them where in human forms. We called mom and asked her to take forgiveness. Initially she was not ready to ask forgiveness, she got angry, was hitting herself on her head with anger, later on Stella ma’am kept her hand on my mom’s head and explained her, convinced her to ask for forgiveness. She agreed and asked the snake to forgive her and her family. It forgave and was happy and moved to light with the smaller snake.
Then again she asked me to see my mom in the mirror, and a lady, very angry lady with a big sword in her hand came out of my mom’s stomach, was not ready to answer any questions, and ma’am convinced her to move to light. She moved and with her lot of black color smoke came out of my mom’s stomach which she took away with her. Then we scanned my mom again, could not see any further negativity as such.
Then Ma’am asked me to see the Trishul. We saw Lord Balaji and Goddess Lakshmi in the Trishul. Also saw Kali Ma as a Fairy giving away lots of Light. Took there blessings. And ma’am talked to them.
Since past 2 days, mom has not been angry at anyone. Yesterday talked my brother softly. So there are positive signs.
Thank  you Stella Ma’am and Vijay Sir, Can’t say anything more, as calling it a favor would undermine it, but  you have surely made my families life a lot better.
I’m from Delhi.I have been reading all your experiences & suggestions.I also want to experience something…Will anyone help me?I do have interest in painting,astrology,anything which is spiritual,anything which is related to arts.Is there any group in Delhi where I can unwind.It should not be like people meet with a fake smile..spend sometime..then leave.Can’t u guys form a group in every city or town where other people get an opportunity to enjoy some pleasant moment!Plz don’t suggest to read some books or do breathing exercise etc.I have already tried all these.Day after day I don’t talk….I am hopeful that I will definitely get a friend from this group.Please help me as early as possible.

Case of Love Relationship

A lady of age 42 came with her problems: had problem she is in love with a person who is married with kids & she is confused whether the person will marry her also confused with inter caste marriage Her questions were: Not Married till today Who will be my Partner Current man who appeared in life will be my partner? Why is he not making commitment with me? And suppose if he marries will i be happy with him?   Suggestibility Test: Suggestible After taking her into trance asked her to scan for any negativity  Didn’t found any patches but found Darkness -A lady was found her Aunty  with her .Upon asking is she dead ? answer came NO .she is alive and she is doing Black Magic on her because she do not like her .Called her master and was being helped by him he dragged away the lady and buried her .Subject was quiet emotional and cried a lot of being not married because of her aunty  Took her to Mother;s Womb -was finding peace and blessings in her mother’s womb very comfortable tried to ask her why is she came to this life what is her purpose of life ?  She went up in Master’s life and started describing the heaven  Subject: Its a big valley plantation,Big Ground,Serene Area ,Big fields. I asked her who is she there describe your self she said am a little girl age of 7 Then she started describing place again Its heaven ,everything is positive here .Mountain Sunrise is brilliant light and beautiful, there is no construction here all light ,valley ,water Everything is mine and whole thing is mine Heaven is mine and i can decide anything myself Sun is Almighty he is guiding, its only me and sun here  I asked her what kind of soul are you? She said:There is no death .Only sun and me There are angles fairies all with wings white colors space and there is many angels and my master she named as Sayedna Taher Saifuddin is there place is beautiful and he is the owner of this place hes sitting  here hes angel and thrs many angels small and big all are around my masters . My master is looking at them all of them I asked her why have u born? she said i have to convert somebody  Upon asking what to convert whom to convert  she answered he will come on his own the current man in her life she said he will convert his religion for her  Then she stated :Even he is an angel here in heaven he is very old and i am very beautiful young  I asked her why is she come back to earth if she is an angel? Answer came: I don’t want to come back from heaven And hes come for me on earth. Ia m young beautiful angel and he is old angel with a lantern in hand here  I asked her if she can see earth from up she said yes i can see earth as if u can see from spaceship I asked her what are the messages from masters.How can i help people ? Answer came Make everyone spiritual. Take everyone on spiritual part Believe in God.There will be more suffering if they don’t believe in God.Asked her how can we know  Answer came: i can see it.Upon asking more she said Iam not allowed to say more. I asked her how do i help people? She said Master will help and upon correct explanations and validations will help people believe you. Then started again describing and said can see this person again with lantern in his hand and there vis no darkness here ,all light  Then all of sudden she stated about me and my family which she didn’t knew she said Durrat i can see you happily living with your family your husband and 2 kids i never told her about my kids but she knew that i have 2 kids. Then she said This is our actual Home and I am very close to my Master all are standing apart am close to him.Now i can see myself on both the planes on Heaven and on Earth. I have to be pious ,I cannot have without marriage  Then she came on Earth and started saying there is angels on earth too there are 2 angels and she named them  I told her that tell me purpose of life -there was no replies again. Then she said there is a silver cord connecting my crown chakra with universe.connecting my heart. I ask her to check her heart she said its whole pink color heart .Pink color indicates love color .i asked her to light in her heart. Asked her hows u feeling in this pink light she said its very light ,very calm.Emotional traumas are balanced  I asked her to see now she says The person has come again asked to look into his eyes and ask him and talked to him but she never got replies because she has to learn the lesson of patience.and time will come when she will get her solutions. Ever soul comes down to learn their corners of lessons  Our home is not here we just come here to learn our chapters and we go back to our home after the school is over.   Received call from subject saying that is so satisfied and contented after the session and has come to know her purpose now that she has to wait for right time and has to learn patience she is contented and has recd answers for her questions and she feels tranquil and calm now as she has come to know that this is not our home and we go back to almighty . Next session will be done on past life too to know who the person is in tht life and what was her relation with him then. Pl wait for next sessions to be done. Love  Durrat

A PLRT Case by Sanjay

PLR session with RK

Short Description: He is @ 54 yrs, Analytical (business man who changed many professions), Trans level 1-2

Reason for session: personal life & profession changes

Session Detail:

Subject already knows in detail about hypnotherapy & PLR he himself read many books on this.

In age regression he was not able to visualize the incidents as per my expectation. I was little reluctant in taking him PL as the he was always saying me he is not viewing only imagining (BAS KHAYAAL AA RAHA HAI..)

I had given many deepeners to conduct this session in last I proceeded for PLR. In last he started to visualize him as 20 yrs young lad with axe in his hand in jungle wearing Dhoti & Kurta.  He was a farmer  & poor chap married with his present wife . In his previous life his wife left him after 2 yrs of marriage & went with some one else. He married again with his now college friend in previous life & remain with her till her death. There was a tussle between her two wives because of some unfaithful between them. In his whole life he was enjoying his only profession (Farming) later his son also involved in same trade. He died with TB at the age of 73 on a cot at his farm. During the whole session he was saying   “ MAIN DEKH NAHI RAHA HOON BAS KHAYAAL AA RAHA HAI..

Feed back from the Subject:

1.       He thought that he was never in trans & all those he narrated was actually KHYAAL.

2.       He was able to extract some answers but didn’t disclosed as his wife was with him during the session..

3.       He expressed his concern for going more deep in trance for really viewing the things.

4.       Because of more awareness about the subject he was internally reluctant to follow some of instructions.

I welcome your comments on this session & concerns of the subject like going more deep in trance for really viewing the things.

Sanjay Pandey

PLRT Case Study

Client Profile – A well educated, well settled businessman of 45 years age, having good communication skill & very civilized personality.
Core Issue – Sexual abuse in childhood, deep sense of unsatisfactory with marriage, money & achievements in life.
The client called me on my cellphone on 8th April 2012 and requested for PLR. He has lots of expectations and little patience. He wanted me to regress him at the very first meeting. Anyway, after a short interaction and counseling I regressed him on 2nd meeting yesterday evening. Very easily he went into a medium-deep level of trance as he was already practicing Yoganidra since long. He had told me for age regression first of all, So I thought to do only age regression at this session and PLR at next session as he had many issues related to this life only. As I regressed, he connected to His marriage time. He described- The girl is not deserving. She is totally opposite to his choice. He is shocked to watch her for the first time at the stage. He is feeling totally helpless & shocked. All his friends are enjoying, drinking wine but nobody is able to know his feeling. Only one friend is able to understand his feeling a little bit. He is suggesting him to accept the situation and compromise.I asked him in which part of the body this emotion of helplessness & shock is stored. He answered- in Mind. I suggested the client to give a shape and color to his feeling of helplessness and shock. He gave it an irregular shape with dull red and orange color. Later I told him to detach it from mind and watch it in front of him. then I told him to change the shape and color of this emotion with help of white light. he changed it into bright golden round shape. then I told him to attach it to the part from where it was detached. after attachment I again asked him to go to the time of marriage and asked his feeling. He again told the same feeling. then I told him to go to his higher self / god / supreme consciousness and meet him. He suddenly opened his eyes & came out of trance and was very angry at me telling me – I wanted God to tell him everything is alright, accept it. He has already accepted his wife. What the god can do? I you ask one crore rupees to a beggar, can he give you? agar god ke pas shakti hoti to ham itna suffer kyon karte. He was expecting that I will take him to past life and show him the reason why it so happened with him, so that he will be able to accept the situation, I was trying to heal the negative impact of his feeling at the marriage. Also He was telling – Mai kabse bardast karke apke har ek suggestion mutabik imagine kar raha hun, likin jab aap god ke pas jane bole to ye bardast se bahar ho gaya. I felt very sorry for not understanding his expectation during session & misunderstanding between we two. He is coming again on 14th for next session.
Please rectify my mistakes & guide me how to do the next session. The client is very skeptical minded. Please help me.


Are you sure he went in to trans and following your guidance sincerely under hypnotic state?

I have the same doubt as Gaurang has raised. It appears to me too that he was not in trance and was simply following the instructions.

Many times it happens that the Subject start talking & reacting towards our instructions.
Immediately give the instructions you are suppose to give..
Don’t panic if your patient is reacting this way, just be calm & ask them to follow your instructions. This can also mean that the subject was not into complete trance state, so when you ask him again to follow instruction, go for the induction all over again..
If the process is correct, things will automatically lead to result ..

All the Best !

sanjay ji,
if he is interests in plr go for that first  u might get an answer
u cannot address all the issues together pl address it one by one
y dint u first find out the core issue thru corrective therapy
ask him what is his priority issue in life which he wants to be sorted out first, then act accordingly
client’s wish is very important so first find out d core issue of his problems
it seems 2 be a past life case so do that first

Dear Sanjay,

Had it originated from a student of mine, I could have responded in following manner.

How many tests of suggestibility were conducted. We recommend at least two and what were the results. What was the dominant sense modality. Link
There is a difference between presenting issues and the underlying causal issues. Link
What myths were elicited and how they were handled. We recommend it on priority Link
What induction method was used. Link
What was the level of trance on Arons Master Depth Rule Link
What about application of personification model Link
What about invoking JB?
What prevented to get into the past life in this session itself?
What assessments were conducted and what were the results Link
Could it be possible to suggest ‘go back to the earlier lifetimes which both of you shared’ or similar suggestions.
What about suggestions regarding suppression of analytical activities during the trance work.

There may be more queries of similar nature to enhance deeper level of understanding into the process and effective handling.

Dear Sanjay

Dr Jain has put everything up as pointers for u.

I do not who who have u trained under, but u do need to brush up your counseling skills….

Client profile is judgmental and prejudiced. Use suggestibility and scores as profiling.
What u r quoting as CORE issues are actually presenting issues. Check the difference and be clear about it. Its important u do that to mark a therapy direction. Core Issue is always an underlying emotion.
Let the clients subconscious decide the course, u cannot determine age regression or past life regression before u begin.
Relationship between current life and past similar experiences must be drawn for learning and letting go.
Focus on emotions to draw life parallels.
Do not be rigid about what u think should be done in order for u to heal..remember you are not healing him..u only facilitate the process.The clients heal themselves.
Most importantly, did u explain the process and healing through hypnosis to the client before u began???


First PLRT Case by Neetu

hello sir
let me report my first case of PLRT.
this girl is in 12th std. she wanted to go thru the session to know why is she having disturbed relation with members in her family especially her elder sister.
i started the session inducing her using the hot air balloon tech. I started with age regression in which she revealed that at the age of 7 her cousin tried to molest her(here i asked her to forgive this i read in Brian Weiss book ), then at perinatal stage she revealed that her mother was asking her father if he was happy with the birth of second girl child but her father says that he is extremely happy.Then in the intrauterine stage she saw that her mother is sitting in a temple praying to God for a baby boy but when i asked her about her feeling she said that she is feeling safe and secured inside.
in her past life she probably saw herself in Mumbai, yr was 1920 or so there she saw herself as 21 yrs old name Kavya where she was having a conflict with her family members about marriage. she wanted to marry somebody but her parents and her elder brother (who resembled with her elder sister of this life) were not approving so she finally runs away and marries that guy and settles in America after few years everybody accepts them. (Now this guy she said looked like the boy she likes in her current life) i asked her to go back to the intrauterine stage of her past life there she saw that her mother was not happy with the news that she was to deliver a baby as she was already having a baby boy.Here this girl puts up a question that why does my mother doesn’t want me because she is already having a baby boy then why?Then she found on further exploration that because her mother wanted to have good amount of savings for her children and she had planned that she will have her second child after 2-3 yrs but it went against her planning so her mother of past life was unhappy.she also saw her mother’s careless behavior while she was still in her womb and at her birth also her mother of past life didn’t pay much attention then at different stages she found that her mother of past life always gave preference to her brother but her father loved her more then her brother. then she gets married where she saw herself very happy with her partner. she dies at the age of 60 due to cancer in stomach but was happy when she died.(now in this life she has thyroid problem and she said she has stomach infection also and two yrs back she had chances of tuberculosis)after her death she saw her spirit leaving her body so from there i asked her to review her that past life of hers and take lessons and then to go to the spirit world and take blessings and healing from master spirit.
In the form of master spirit she saw both male and female master spirits there she said that they gave her the the blessing that she’ll keep her parents very happy which she says that she makes every effort to do so.after coming back to consciousness she said that now she has firm belief that true love does exist and she’ll be able to find it. earlier she used to think that there is nothing like true love in this world.After 24 hrs i took the follow up and she reported that her concentration has improved which earlier was wavering due to lot of distractions.
Sir i want to know one thing that she was narrating everything in past tense form for eg. “mere gharwale mujhe rok rahe hote hai lekin mein bhaag jaati hoon”Here i’m confused did she actually see her past life or this was some imagination of hers Cause there were lot of similarities in both the life like the attitude of parents towards her, rejection of her mother in previous life and initial apprehension of her mother in this life in accepting her.
sir pl guide me what else could have i done to make it better.

PLRT Case by Ami Shah

Pt Age 33, Suggestible.

Problem: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Inferiority complex, too much negativity.

I did induction by R.K. method. 2 deepeners…visualization of a beautiful park and petal removing from flower.

In jheel-baba, he saw a big Demon who was black and had horns, and had huge legs. I was confused what to say as this sounded scary, so I told him he has come for your protection so don’t be scared of him and we will call him babaji.

In Age regression he saw some sort of loneliness when he was 21 years old and living alone in Bombay (went there for studies). That was the time from when insecurity feeling and mild depression started. Later he was in Jaipur with his mamaji, there he had good relationship with his cousin but later there was some property dispute which made him very disturbed and more depressed. There were many events in life for which he had to compromise like he wanted to do MBA and study abroad, he wanted to take admission in good college but his father refused (his colleagues who got less marks took admission in good college. He felt very disappointed and felt very bad as they were not as bright as pt.). Then he wanted to take a bullet (bike) but his father refused, again had to compromise in life. This all incidents made him very disappointed and depressed in life. He recollected some good memories with his grand parents to whom he was too close.

In past life he saw him self as some farmer who was standing in front of some king and protesting as there was drought in village and the farms and other farmers were suffering. The king did not help him instead rudely asked him to leave. This made him very angry and helpless too. I took him back in time where he saw himself with his mother and wife. (His mother of last life was this birth’s grand mother.). I took him more back in time to his childhood where he saw his parents and one younger sister. He was playing with other villagers and sister. Later in life there was flood in village where he lost his sister. His sister was shouting for help but he could not do any thing to save her and found himself very helpless. (He saw in his sister’s eyes and felt his sister in in past life is his younger daughter in this life). Later he saw some people were threatening his father to give away his land, he was depressed and helpless again. Later after some time in life he saw some one killing his father with sword, he had revenge feeling inside him and made sure he save his land any how. Then there were no such significant event as such. On the last day of his life he saw he along with his wife and 2 grand kids are sitting near a camp fire as its too cold he was old and satisfied as he had financially progressed very nicely in life. He died very peacefully.

In LBL, he saw his soul in shape of round lightning ball. He reviewed his life and lesson of that life was to keep patience, to walk on right path. He said at end of his life he was very happy and satisfied as he did good karma and walked on right path where as king who was very bad person died of some sickness and had to suffer a lot. After that he saw his soul is going in sky and there he was welcome by 3 gods who showed him direction where he had to go. He went in that direction where he was welcome by his guruji, he took Ashirwad from guruji, i told him to discuss all his problems and ask for solution. He did this process 3 times. I brought him back to the park and read the script. Then In Joseph Murphy, i told him,” its written in geeta that what ever happens, happens for good, what ever has happened has happened for good, and what ever would happen would also happen for good. You cannot change the outcome by thinking too much about it and worry about it. When ever you would pass sleep your mind would automatically repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes for 21 days continuously”

Actually i wanted to say the phrase for depression and anxiety but i could not translate it properly in Hindi. So i said this general phrase. If there is any thing that i am missing or i should add next time, please let me know.

PLRT Case by Dr. Bhawna

Case 1
Subject: 42 year old male, experiences anxiety, lethargy, fatigue and mild depression.. Not wanting to do anything, lost interest in business and family. Does not want to take initiative and faces a lot of anxiety if forced to make a decision. Frequent episodes of upset stomach and nausea.

Screening: Black  spots near the stomach area. Reported a lot of them, were collected together and released to light above. Divine light helped to strengthen the digestive system.

Subject: I am on the battlefield, a soldier expected to fight.
Dr. – What else can you see?
Subject: I can see a child and wondering what is this child doing here at the battlefield. Ask him to go away, he’ll get hurt. It’s not safe to be here.
Dr. – Who is this child?
Subject: This is me? The child tells me to run away from here. Why fight? Fighting is not good. But this is my duty. How can I leave with this child?

(A brief conversation with between the soldier and the child in him.)

Dr. :Go ahead in time to a significant event on the battlefield.
Subject: A bullet has hit me.
( Death. Healing done. Reflections on that life.)
Subject: One should live in peace. Do his duty and keep others happy.
Dr.– Move ahead. What’s happening after your death?
Subject: A ball of white light is going up and instantly moves down. I can see my present parents. They are happy on seeing me.

Subject: I feel happy and rested.

Dr.– Healing done along with positive instructions for a more energetic and healthy life.

1)    He felt some divine light extracting something from his stoach which left him feeling very light.
2)   The child part was not understood, but he could relate that he felt like a child in his present life, not wanting to take decisions, scared, apprehensive, and not wanting to hurt anybody.

Follow Up: (After 1 month)
1)    Better stomach conditions.
2)   Started going for yoga classes.
3)   Trying to take an active interest in business and family.
4)   Has become more responsible.

PLR in Mumbai Mrs. Shalini Verma MO: 09870480560