I am very much interested in learning Past Life Regression Therapy

I am going through hell in my life with broken marriages, people
cheating me, loss of my children, and lot of depression and
sufferings. Need some relief.
Problem in my behaviour which is affecting my career, thoughts and
relationship, my first appearance looks good but later relationship
diminishes, so need to know the solution
I have recently joined the Delhi Chapter under the guidance of Shri Vijay Mehra. I am interested in astrology, yoga, meditation and all alternative healing techniques. I would like to formally learn PLRT.
Hi, My name is Manika, My husband and I stay in Mannhein, a small City near Frankfurt in Germany. I am mainly here to support my husbands career and I professionaly pursue nothing. However, till four years ago I was a trainer and worked with the best IT brands in the India. I have been married for about 6 years 5months. My husband is my best friend but unfortunately, we are just great friends and we both have tried to be great couple but failed miserably, and before we move our separate ways, I thought we both could speak to someone, who could help us, because we both know something is not normal in our lives and even if move on it will follow us. I desperately need help. Please allow me get in touch for an appointment. Regards Manika.
ahendra Ameria,residing at kolkata,by profession engineer, done MD in alternative medicine,i am reiki crystal master,magnetotherapist,teach accupressure etc to name a few.Retired as Director of a private company.
Am Colonel (Retired) Mahendra Pratap Choudhary, age 72 years, a paratrooper Commando (Special Forces), gone through three wars ’65,’71 and OPERATION BLUSTAR 1984 where I saved the President of India in the Golden Temple and was wounded very severely. Three AK-47 Bullets entered and destroyed my left shoulder, went through and through and came out from near the cervical Spine; disturbing the column, One bullet was stooped by my bullet proof helmet and gave a head concussion. I broke my LV2 (Lumber Spine) in an operational Para jump in 1971. My right hand was paralyzed in 1988 and right leg WAS paralyzed in 1994, both have now recovered but are weaker then the other and I limp. Seen Dr Trupti on TV and read about her in the net. Would like to get treated (if possible for my pain) and ALSO would like to know my past life through PLR. Thanks and Regards – Colonel
I’m very interested in my past lives I would like to know all about
them maybe discover how I can better myself in this life. I’m just
looking for some answers and guidence. Thanks!
hi am suma nair from mumbai i wanted to know about the cost of plr session.where should i come ? and whom should i meet?I suffer from no trauma or any sort of problems just am curious about my past and would like to heal myself completely if any negative memories exist from my past.I meditate about 3 times a week or when i feel like .My age is 19/f.Hope to hear from you soon


I am interested in your e-learning course, I have always always been interested in learning hypnosis but have not really got the time for a regular course.this would be a gr8 help and I can learn if in my spare time.
My Friend is suffering from phobia of traveling in the airplane since her childhood,feeling of suffocation and high depression,pl suggest cud it b because of past life pshyco problems, and if it so pl advise me the best therapist in south delhi
Sir, I am praaticimg hypnosis and PLR since last 7 years. I am interested to join the e-course. I am greatly thankful to the suggestions and advices given by you and all the members of mind power lab group.
Hi! I am a Sports and Exercise Psychologist. I want to fuse hypnotherapy and the sports psychology together for a more effective and powerful treatment of the athletes who approach me.
Is it possible to enroll myself in the hypnosis training program and imply the learned knowledge into my practice?
hello , i ma a 39 year old female who has been practising mediataion for many years and have undergone past life regression and read mnay books on the subject. would like to register for ur course.
I have had the experience of helping others through hypnotic suggestion for things like weight loss and improvement on test for academic improvement. My problem is I have not been able to hypnptise myself. Any suggestions to help me with self hypmosis
the online course will be of great help and it would add to the practical training as a supplement. thank you. I want to learn past life regression. is there any Gud trainer who is very reasonable and gives perfect training .
hi, I m interested to study this art of hypnosis. I want to know what is the eligibility criteria for this. Also my brother in law is an ex alcoholic and has been suffering from a lot of pyscological stress, i want to find out if this therapy can help him return to a normal and happy life. Do advise thanking
Dear Dr. Jain,

I would like to learn from your free e course on hypnosis and plr. Can you please send me the free link to the course?
I have already joined the MPL discussion group and I find the quality of discussion and the depth of awareness and the sharing feeling of the members very very nice.
The discussions put a various aspects of the issues into a Higher Perspective.

Thanking you and your team for all these wonderful efforts and this space,

Light n Peace,
I would like to learn Past Life Regression Therapy from you through your DVDs and your books teaching how to train PLRT. Please tell me the price of them and how to send the payment. I do not use any credit cards, I will send through Bank Draft of the Bangkok Bank in Bangkok, Thailand.
I would like tio take this therapy to cure few issues. wants to discover few things about myself. Cannot afford to go for a very expensive treatment. would be greateful if you could guide me on this.
I am very interested in learning Hypnosis Techniques, especially PLR and researched the last few days and nights on the internet. The results are overwhelming and I have no idea who offers the best course. Mostly impressed I am with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques offered by Dolores Cannon
I am very mutch intrested to lern hypnosis. i am running small
business, since i am little intrested towords spiritual people share
there problems ask for the solutions, i think this will help me and i
will also lern by helping people.
Hello Dr. Jain, i took one of your classes on past life regression in
new jersey. I have decided to continue my studies and become a
certified hypnotherapist. I am in the process of looking at schools.
So far the best fit for me seems to be the academy of professional
hypnosis in union nj.could you give me your opinion of this
school?thank u
I am staying in delhi , One of my close friend is addicted, for drinking cough syrup in regular intervals which is resulting in spoiling his health and he is not behaving has a social being in the society. Please I do here by request you to kindly suggest me the place where I can take him to get rid of this problem , or shall I contact your good offices for the same. I here by request you to do the needful with kind , for which I will be greatfull for ever
If you want to be in touch with any psychological doctors in Kerala who know hypnotism; I would recommend this learned person. He has got expertise in several related fields. You can get benefited by his dimensional approach.
I have a fear that somebody would stab me from behind. i also suffer a broken marriage and am suffering many ups and downs in my life since childhood. I want to know the reason for all these conditions prevailing in my life.
Hi,I’ve read the book ‘The only love is’ & really interested about past life.
I ‘m searching for a way that I could know about my past life & specially my past “LOVE PARTNER” so that I could find him in present.Waiting for your kind reply
Sir, i live in Taj Nagari In Agra. Now a day i could n’t concentrate on my work..even nw a day sometime i feel that i did nt achieve yet.. and i m very worthless person in this earth ..
i thing too much and cry lot due to emptiness in my life.. i felt that every one dump.
i think too much about myself and ma family.. pls help me to bring out this stress before he kill me..
i need help in quitting smoking. i have been a heavy smoker for more than 25 years and have tried various stop smoking programs but of no avail. i seek help thru regression therapy. is there anyone i can meet in Chennai, India?
My son is suffering from severe depression.
At times he hurts himself.At times he talks about dying.He is abusive, he somkes and drinks alcohol. He is under treatment of a Psychiatrist.
He was obsessed with one of his college friends and spent his time and money on him. Now as per his version, the boy is humiliating him, even in presence of others, as a result he has stopped going to college and mostly confined to his room.
Is there any way out to bring him back on his feet?
I am a widow of an Army Officer. Recently I lost my father who was everything for me. I wanted to connect myself to his soul for some messages. This is necessary for me to move ahead in life. I have no support from anywhere. Life has become painful for me. I was convinced by Doctor / Therapist that I will see the past life. I went for PLR but unable to see any of my past life. I was told that I could not do so because of thought blockage. I feel it is the responsibility of Doctor to remove blockage and make me in trance and go into past life. Can you help me to go into my past life?
I also have phobia for blood as if it is spread all around and I am scared of it. Whenever i go out, I wash everything which i carry with me. Please respond and advise.
I wish to know the reason for my present life sufferings.I belive regression could be good method to know it.i reside in New delhi and i am looking for healer for past life.Problems i have been encountring throughout my life are as follows and my age is 30 now.

1.Worst possible family relationship with family.
2.Hard earned money being spoilt or in the hands of someone else,always in debt.Extreme financial up’s and down.
3.Always some or the other severe pain in the body and painful diseases like,body never free of pain.
4.never able to reach a decison and same situations of helplesness arising again and again.
5.even after doing everything possible,allegations.Had to work very hard and finally left with no security and had to manage bread and butter lot of times by debt.
6.Always heaviness in the body,get tired very easily,reluctant to work.
7.Desires get fulfilled halfway.So inever get what i like,somehow my survival is managed.
Firstly I would like to thank you for your services here. I am new to this community. However, I want to ask you some things. I am a young unmarried girl who is in germany for my phd in biology from 1yr. I am basically from Hyderabad. I have some problems like which are everytime repeating in my life at all stages like I get friends all the time who use me till the tenure and then never ever see/talk to me and I am in all the ways helpful to them & never took any help from them. This is very disappointing. I all the time have mentors, teachers who eventually become jealous and envy of me. I dont say with overconfidence but I have good memory power and good at studies who always stood 1st. Teachers who have to be proud of their students, behaving like this to me is really depresing. I have another problem which is I can never say no to a person even if its a stranger. You wont believe I gave 5000 rupees to a stranger just because I could not say no or lie to him s
aying I dont have the money etc.. I am very ambitious in my life and career. I came all the way to germany for my PhD after a very tough competitive selection of 26rounds. After coming here again I have problems with people who without any reason started behaving like enemies from the day 1 and finally now they harassed me tortured me both physically and mentally that I decided to quit the place. Why all this happened? I really want to know why all these people meet me in my life? Why cant I get any nice people who are nice and friendly to me? Why they get love from me but I get hatred from them? Till now, I have only one person in my life who never took any big help from me but has been helping me mentally, emotionally, physically. He is the one who is going to marry me. But, I am very very insecure and afraid about my life. He is the nicest person any girl can ever have but still why am I afraid and why am I insecure?
I agree these are lot many questions. But, even if I get some guidance or help in atleast few of these issues, I would be happier.
I want to discuss some problems my wife is probably facing. I think she is sufferring from some sychological disorder. We are married from last two years. I feel she has this ailment from her childhood, which was hidden from me. I don’t want to discuss that aspect, but want to help out my wife as she is sufferring. I live in Srinagar, Kashmir. Please give the adress or contact of the nearest possible person who can help me out.
I am very much interested in learning Past Life Regression Therapy. The main idea behind learning this program is to help others to overcome their problems. Can you assist me further on this?
Firstly thanks for reading my long mail patiently and for your kind advice …what ever happened in my past life I took it as an incident , forgot and forgiven to be honest with you I just happen to see shadows…

But my present life has become a question mark for me?

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