I have read a book by Brian Weiss in the recent past

i have a strange problem, whenever i see the running blood specially
from nose or mouth of a person or a blood pool on ground, i just lose
control on my self and i simply tumbled down. Kindly help me……
I am looking for a regression therapist who can perform a past life
regression for me. Can this forum help me connect with some competent
therapist in mumbai?

I have pressure/pain in my throat… I want to know the reason.. for this pressure. I am meditator…. is this because of non-expression. or any-other reason.. if so. is there any possibility to check my unconsciousness to check is there a suppression or blocks there…. ….. pls advise.
Respected sir,
Its great reading indeed, especially to know ” In the tenth edition of the International Classification of Diseases (1992), a new category, trance and possession states, officially acknowledges the need for a distinct grouping, separate from multiple personality disorder on the one hand and from the psychoses on the other. Only after extensive debate was a similar category rejected for DSM IV.”
I would recommend that a PLRT session during active serious physical injury may be avoided for obvious reasons of aggravation if there is an abreaction corresponding to the injured part.
I am glad to see this! At the same time although ” positivist researcher” in me would like to see the acceptable measurement of these presence one fine day ( i am sure it would get developed), the ” post-positivist” with a keen interest observing, capturing the case studies and experimenting with self. in a personal mail i would share these experimenting experiences.
Hi, I, Mrs. Saleena Das, Staying at Delhi since 25 years, Would like to know about my past life regression. I am very much eager to find out this and want to predict so many things in my life which I personally believes that I do have some interlinks from my past. Would appreciate for your quick reply to my query. With warm regards, Saleena
Dear Sir, I want your help to make myself what I am because I don’t
know I am mad or tending towards for that. I always waist my days in
dreaming which i know that can never be true Please Sir if you can
then help me to make my self in present .

i am from bangalore and would like to undergo PLRT for free or at reasonable charges. I have internal fears about my future since i am not successful in life. Kindly any good therapist in bangalore please provide me your contact nos.

I feel nervous,confusion in life.

Awaiting for early reply from you

Dr. Brian L. Weiss is a renowned psychotherapist who is especially famous for past life regression therapy. After a great experience that he gained while doing therapy on one of his patients he understood every being has past lives and life between lives. This revealed the proof for soul theory and the existence of Masters on a different plane. His remarkable revelations lead to more experimentation later by many others and widened the past life therapy across the globe.
Greetings, I have read a book by Brian Weiss in the recent past and have been moved by the experience stated in the book. Hence I have been contemplating seeking help for my father through past life regression. My dad is suffering with what doctors call bipolar depression. He has been struggling with this situation for over 22 years now. We have consulted plenty psychiatrists and he has been under constant medication and steroids. Though this has helped him to control his situation, it has never guaranteed complete recovery. Constant medication has begun to take toll on his health and nervous system which is a worry for me being his daughter. I am more than hopeful that i may be able to help my father through past life regression therapy .I would be very grateful if you could guide me help my father out of this terrible situation. Worried Daughter Parul Anand
Hello, Could you please e-mail me contacts/address/e-mail of therapists in Mumbai who practice Dr. Brian Weiss’s regression therapy? I am suffering from depression, panic attacks and anxiety due to a traumatic childhood. I would like to be regressed back to my childhood to overcome the trauma. Would really appreciate your help as I am an N.R.I.

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