Dr Jain's Cognitive Drill Therapy, Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

Cognitive Drill Therapy

Download manual of Cognitive Drill Therapy for Fast Phobia & OCD Relief. Learn to effectively master your fears with very simple techniques developed by Dr. Rakesh Jain, Ph.D. Agra. Phobia can be healed within a few days.

A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression

You must read this extra-ordinary book on past life regression by Dr Rakesh Jain, Ph.D. It contains amazingly simple techniques of hypnosis and past life regression which certainly would ignite your passion. Full of wisdom & courage.

Power Hypnosis

If you want to know about hypnotism and how it is done without any mantra or sadhna; then you must read this practical book by Dr. Rakesh Jain, Ph.D., Agra. A comprehensive and recommended book for beginners and experts as well.

Dr. Jain’s Research Tutorial

Tips for research scholars in psychology. Get concrete practical ideas for writing dissertations and thesis. A PDF Manual worth reading by both research supervisors and candidates.

Rorschach Inkblot Test

A very simple and practical book based on Beck’s scoring system. Highly useful for both students and specialists. This will be your quick reference even if you are using Exner System. A must have for busy psychologists interested in Rorschach

Dr. Rakesh Jain, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Agra, India; is an expert in Cognitive Drill Therapy, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. He developed Cognitive Drill Therapy for fast relief in phobia and some cases of OCD. He authored three books (1) A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression (2) Power Hypnosis (3) Rorschach Inkblot Test. He provides free of cost patients services. He delivers thought provoking workshops and demonstration lectures on cognitive drill therapy, hypnosis and past life regression in universities, colleges, institutions and various forums. Also he guides students for Ph.D degree on these therapies. His approach is very specific, clear and straightforward. His teachings easily sink into the mind of the participants. Also he provides free cognitive drill therapy through Whatsapp and Skype to persons affected by various phobias like social anxiety disorder, claustrophbia. He is having two facebook groups which anyone can join: (a) Cognitive Drill Therapy (b) Past Life Regression Therapy.

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