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Do-it-Yourself: Past Life Regression

Past life regression means accessing your former lives to heal the issues in your present life.  You can do it comfortably by your own. I am providing  you step by step instructions to do past life regression by yourself. This is a powerful procedure and at the same time you can maintain your privacy by experiencing the regression as per your convenience. For doing your own past life regression follow the steps given below

  1. Find a distraction free place; it may be your bedroom or any comfortable place. Ensure that there is nobody around you and people will not disturb you in any manner for a period of one hour.
  2. Switch of your telephones, mobile, calling bell etc so that the calls or sound would not disturb you for one hour.
  3. Procure a good quality earphone which is comfortable to the ears for continuous listening for about one hour.
  4. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Remove belt, wrist watch or any object that feels uncomfortable to the body.
  5. Take bath or wash your face and legs.
  6. This experience will be done in lying position; hence arrange your bed with fresh bed sheet, a comfortable low height pillow and remove extra-objects from the bed.
  7. Think or write down a few issues you want to resolve through self past life regression.
  8. Attend to your toilet needs. Use washroom if required.
  9. Use all out or hit as mosquito repellent if there are mosquito in the room.
  10. Lie down on the bed, allow 1-2 minutes for your body to adjust on the bed.
  11. Loosen your arms and legs.
  12. Take 2-3 deep but gentle breathes.
  13. Close your eyes and scan your body for any tightness, muscle tension and strain on body. Allow all the stresses and tightness in the muscles to relax.
  14. Allow your mind to get prepared to access your past lives.
  15. Download following MP3 Audio for past life regression in your mobile.
  16. Connect your earphone to be mobile.
  17. Listen the audio, it will take about 30 minutes.
  18. The scenes of your past life will get released to your conscious mind just like dreams and imagination. These visuals may be continuous or discrete. Just keep on experiencing with comfortable mindset.
  19. If you feel that these dream like experiences or imagination were the product of your own mind and not a valid access to previous life, it should be OK for you as some feel have such feelings. You are not alone.
  20. You may also feel that you drifted into sleep during the audio. It is perfectly alright as sometimes, people do get sleep or consider genuine experiences of past life regression as if it was sleep.
  21. You may experience past life regression very first time when you listen to the audio or you may have to repeat it 2-3 times daily for about 4 weeks. You must succeed in this period.
  22. If your mind is not co-operating to the audio instructions then see a past life therapist to resolve your issues. I provide free of cost past life regression services in Agra.
    1. In any case, do not forget to share your experiences with us through the Online Contact Form
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    3. If you are keenly interested in hypnosis and past life regression, the you should add yourself to the Mind Power Lab Google group for regular and vibrant discussions on hypnosis and past life regression.

Looking forward to hear your experiences with past life regression.

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