Learn Past Life Regression Therapy

To learn and apply hypnosis and past life regression is quite interesting, challenging and satisfying to the professionals, complimentary therapists, reiki masters, pranic healers, psychologists and even medical professionals. It adds significantly to the clinical skills. It gives immense satisfaction when a therapist is able to resolve the emotional, psychological , interpersonal and health related issues of the human beings through application of such novel and powerful procedures. You may have a passion of healing others or work with the hidden powers of the mind. The practitioners of hypnosis and past life regression are actively engaged in following activities:

  1. Healing a variety of problems like sadness, insomnia, low confidence, fears, phobias, allergies, pains, headaches, nightmares and many such problems.
  2. Spreading the cause of hypnotherapy and past life therapy to heal people
  3. Conducting researches in hypnotherapy
  4. Making online and media presence to enhance acceptability and public awareness of such procedures.

If you are motivated, having a passion of healing and helping others, curious about the hypnosis and want to add hypnotism skills in your personality, spiritually oriented person with a background in healing, psychology, complementary therapies, you must consider getting empowered yourself with these extra-ordinary and seemingly mysterious skills of hypnosis and past life regression.

While making up your mind you should aspire for the following in learning opportunities:

  1. Knowledge regarding hypnosis and past life regression
  2. Testing people for their capacities for getting hypnotized and experiencing past life regression
  3. Multiple practical demonstrations of hypnosis and past life regression to observe and learn through practical experience
  4. To the point and specific training instructions to clarify major concepts and procedures
  5. Supervised experience of doing hypnotism and past life regression.

We recommend a course content which covers at least following aspects of both (a) Hypnosis and (b) Past Life Regression Therapy.

Stage-I: Hypnosis:

  • History of hypnosis
  • Understanding and dispelling misconceptions about hypnosis.
  • Meaning of hypnosis
  • Practical tests for assessing hypnotic potentials of any person.
  • Supervised practical exercises on tests of suggestibility to assess hypnotic potentials of other persons.
  • Guidelines for hypnotizing others.
  • Demonstrations of multiple methods of hypnotizing others. It will include several creative and innovative methods developed by us.
  • Demonstrations of multiple methods of deepening hypnotic trance.
  • Tests to assess whether a person is really hypnotized or just faking.
  • Demonstrations of the procedures for effective hypnotic trance termination and bringing the person back to the normal waking state.
  • Easiest method of self-hypnosis
  • Procedure for doing mass/group hypnosis
  • Supervised practical exercises on hypnotizing others. [you will be hypnotizing others before us]
  • Assessment for hypnotherapy
  • Direct suggestion model of hypnotherapy

Stage-II: Past Life Regression

  • The concept of regression
  • Concepts and procedures of age regression
  • Concepts and procedures of past life regression
  • Demonstration of multiple techniques of past life regression
  • Techniques of healing during past life regression
  • Orientation to life between lives regression
  • Orientation to future life progression
  • Easiest method of self-past life regression
  • Method of mass/group past life regression
  • Concept of soul mates and identification of soul mates during past life regression
  • Prarabdh managment
  • A unique and powerful form of past life regression developed by us [Jheel Baba Therapy]
  • Demonstration of Jheel Baba Therapy
  • Handling abreactions during past life regression

We circulate through emails the learning opportunities as and available at any place in India to keep you informed. If you are having an interest in empowering yourself with the skills of doing hypnosis and past life regression, you should submit your email on the subscription form available in this website. Until you receive the intimation of learning opportunities, you should focus on reading at least following books:

  1. Books on Dr. Brian Weiss such as Many Lives, Many Masters available through www.flipkart.com
  2. Power Hypnosis by Dr. Rakesh Kumar available only online through following link: Click Here